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Personalized Safety Program Manual $100

A Safety Program Manual (IIPP in California) customized for your company including a Hazard Communication Plan, Emergency Action Plan, and safety documentation forms.

ISN, Avetta or BROWZ Safety Manual/IIPP $200

A Safety Program Manual (IIPP in California) designed to meet the audit requirements of ISN, Avetta, or BROWZDo Not Select This Product unless you are subject to one of these Audit Companies.


ISN Safety Section Upload Fee $10.00

The fee per safety section to upload your Safety Manual to ISN Website and to answer all the ISN questions for each safety section. Enter the correct number of safety sections in the "Qty" to calculate total fee. Do not select this product without specific instructions from Safety Made Simple.

ISN, Avetta OR BROWZ Upgrade Fee $100

If upgrading from any Safety Manual/IIPP previously purchased from Safety Made Simple, Inc.

Consultation Fee - $75.00 per hour

1 hour of Safety Consultation time. Hours can be purchased in multiple increments by selecting Quantity. A quantity of 3 pays for 3 hours of consultation time at $75 per hour.

RAVS Safety Section $15

For individual RAVS safety sections required by ISNetWorld.

Safety Manual Update $25

For an update to the Safety Manual you purhased from Safety Made Simple over 12 Months ago.